The company KOVO- N, p. r. o. is an established family company focused in the engineering and manufacturing service sector. The company has a 1000m2 production area with a team of 10 highly trained engineers who are all dedicated to provide a high class service.

Machine park Kovo – N, p. r. o. caters for CNC, conventional turning, milling, grinding, welding, drilling, tapping and other services on request.

We specialize in working with various materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nonferrous metals, various alloys, castings, forgings, weldments and any other material on request.

To become competitive we have continually focused our priorities on the upgrade and improvement of machinery, tooling, assembly and upgrade of new technologies so to keep customers satisfied and create better conditions for the acquisition of new business partners.

Our goal is to maintain sustained growth in production, constantly improve services and customer relations and become a well-established name within our service sector.